18 Simple and Practical Ways to Advocate for the Unborn


I have had a good number of people ask me how they can help advocate for the unborn. When issues are this large and complicated it is easily to get lost in the weeds of what you can do about it resulting in paralysis and inaction. Here is a compiled list of simple and practical list of ideas. Not every single idea is a good fit for everyone but there is something in here for everyone.

NOTE: these were not organized with order of importance in mind.

NOTE: we need to have both a pre-birth and post-birth serving mindset if we expect people to choose life.

1. Pray – privately and publicly

2. Read Why Pro-Life?, The Case for Life, Bonhoeffer, Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery – as powerful as Alcorn and Klussendorf’s books were Eric Metaxas’ biographies of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce has carried the most substantive source of encouragement

3. Dialogue – have a meal and civil conversation about life and abortion

4. Write Elected official – write your congressman and senators

5. Vote – vote for candidates that support life

6. Sidewalk Counseling – effective and empathetic physical presence at abortion clinics

7. Volunteer at Local Crisis Pregnancy Centers

8. Donate to Local Crisis Pregnancy Centers – supplies, money

9. Ultrasounds – explore bringing a mobile ultrasound ministry to your city
10. Peaceful Protest
11. Adopt – caring for the unborn means you take care of them after they have been born
12. Support Others Adoptive Efforts
13. Foster Care – do foster care or support others who do
14. Educate – teach people in your network, community or church about abortion and ways to help
15. Social Media – shine a light on the darkness – Gen. Patton made local Germans tour the concentration camps at Buchenwald
16. Teach young moms and dads – teach how to care for their babies
17. Pre abortive counseling
18. Post abortive counseling – we need to care for people no matter what, post-abortive counseling can be effective in preventing future abortions as well as present a unique Gospel opportunity
BONUS: Invest ethically – Here is a list of 77 companies that either directly fund or sponsor events of Planned Parenthood.

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