Triperspectivalism, Leadership, Following and Thriving

It is incredibly important to know not only what kind of leader you are but what kind of leader you thrive underneath.

A fair amount of writing has gone into analyzing the Triperspectival leadership styles of prophetspriests and kings. You can read John Frame’s Doctrine of the Knowledge of God or Primer on Triperspectivalism,   Timmy Brister’s nice list of resources, Jonathan Dodson’s pieceJustin Taylor’s quick write-up, or Drew Goodmanson’s Chart on Tri-Perspectival Leadership:

Tri-Perspectival Leadership Diagram

All that said, I have yet to see anything written on Triperspectivalism as it relates to following. Take for example that I am by nature a King-Priest in the way that I lead others. We are in some ways followers as we all have people who are leading or who have authority and/or accountability over us. We will be nature have at least two kinds of following – those we are drawn to and those that we thrive under.

TriperspectivalFollowerParadigm - 850px

I am drawn to follow prophets, however, I thrive underneath the leadership of priests in how I am wired to follow.

Maybe you have learned the hard way what kind of leader helps your soul thrive and which leadership type crushes your soul. Or perhaps you are fortunate to have the leadership paradigm you are drawn be the same paradigm you thrive underneath. If so, rejoice because the disconnect can be difficult at times.

Leadership Styles Drawn to and Thrive Underneath - 850px

Self-knowledge, discipleship and experience are the best means of assessing what is a good fit for the leader-follower paradigm. A lack of awareness in this area can be brutal in the workplace, discipleship, organizational leadership or in ministry.

Knowing what kind of leader you are is as important as knowing what kind of leader you thrive underneath.

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